May 12, 2004

Removing the Rear Tires

We learned our lesson from the front tires and this time loosened the lug bolts before the car was raised.

So now, it was time to raise the car. As I was looking underneath, to find a place to raise it, I noticed this nice round thing under the oil pan that seemed the perfect place to locate the floor jack. However, Mike informed me that we did not want to raise the car by the oil pan. So, the jack was placed right in front of the oil pan, under the transmission.

After the floor jack was centered properly, we start to raise the car:

After the rear was raised nearly even with the front, it was time to place the jack stands. We put the stands underneath the torsion bar "sleeve". This is located on the side right in front of the rear tires.

Then, the car was lowered onto the stands.

Now, that it was nice and snug, and the rear tires were off the ground, we could remove them. We now have the hub left:

With it now sitting on stands only, Mike gave it a good hard shake. The car did not budge. It is nice and steady on the stands:

This is where we are now:

With the rear tires gone, I had access to the inner fenders. So, I hit the bolts, that hold them onto the body with WD-40, so the bolts will turn easier when the fenders are removed. This may be the next step.

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April 11, 2004

Removing the Tire From Hell

In my last entry, which, by the way, was last year, I mentioned that we were having trouble removing the lug bolts on the driver's side front tire. If we had had the foresight, we would have loosened the lug-bolts before we jacked up the car to remove the gas tank. I don't remember which repair shop worked on the tires last, but they sure bolted that tire on good. It would be easier to loosen the bolts with the tire back down on the ground. So the tire, that was removed from the passenger side will have to be put back on.

Fortunately, the lug bolts were put back into the hub when the tire was removed, so they wouldn't get lost. I removed those:

That leaves the bare hub:

Now, the tire goes back on and the lug bolts get put back and are tightened enough to just hold the tire on:

Now, the jack is put into position to lift the car up so it can clear the jack stands:

And the car is lifted yet again:

Once clear of the jack stands, they are removed and the car is dropped down onto the tires:

That didn't seem to help, even with the weight of the car on the tire, the lug bolts still would not budge:

In fact, the tire was still turning as Mike tried to loosen to lug bolts, even though it was on the ground. There wasn't enough weight in front. So, I sat on the fender just above the tire. That solved the "wheel moving" problem, but the lug bolts would still not budge. So, Mike had to resort to leverage. He found a pipe in the garage and put it on the end of the lug bolt remover:

That did the trick. With a loud groan, each lug bolt gace way as Mike hit them with leverage. And, he made sure that the bolts were loosened enough, while the tire was on the ground, so we would be able to remove them with our fingers once the car was jacked up again:

So, back up into the air, place the jack stands back and remove the tires yet again. And this is where we are now:

Next stage is to remove the rear tires.

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