September 08, 2003

Crackling Floorpan

A couple of years ago. Mike noticed that the floorpan in front of the rear passenger seat crackled somewhat. Figuring that the original floorpan had rotted through, he placed a board over it and dropped the carpet back over the board.

Yesterday, while Mike was checking out the floorboard, he noticed that the board he had put down was starting to collapse also. So, he pulled it up to get a good look at the rotted out floorpan. As he pulled it up, this is what we saw. What looked like some small holes:

Then, he starts to work his fingers through the hole, just to see how extensive the rot is:

That's when he noticed that the floorpan felt kind of weird. It wasn't metal!!! What he was poking through was a board that someone had put over the real rotted out floorboard some time before we got the car. So, Mike pulled up the second board, and we could now see the full extent of the damage:

After the car is stripped completely down, we will put in a new floorpan.

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September 04, 2003

Some Recent Before Photos

Went out today and took more before pictures. Took some exterior and interior shots. You can see just how ugly this little guy is. There will be some in the future of the engine and engine compartment. And more will be taken as we go along with the restoration for comparisons. Anyway, I saved the rest in a Yahoo Photo Album. You can check them out here.

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June 27, 2003

More "Before" Pictures Soon

The picture Paladin posted in the first entry, actually does too much justice to the bug. I will take more pictures soon and post them. Just so you can see just badly this poor bug looks. I was rather offended, one of the last times I drove it, when a police officer pulled behind me from a turn lane and followed me for awhile. But, perhaps it may have been because the muffler was shot and the car was making a lot of noise. Or, maybe it was because of the dented rear bumper. Or, the engine cover with the oxidized paint that it one shade off from the rest of the car. Whatever it is. I could see why the poor thing would raise flags to law enforcement.

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June 26, 2003

The beginning

Got the bug a few years ago as a favor for a relative. She thru it back in my face. So I kept it. Has a few miles on the clock, I figure two full laps or about 280,000. The original 1300 had been replaced with a 1600, dual point heads. Hacked upgrade to 12 volt, wires further messed when someone tried to put an alarm system in. The front seats are the wrong year, as are the windshield wipers. We overheated the motor and it no longer runs very well. A foot went thru the floorboards. The transmission is original and shows the quarter-million plus miles. The wheels are original 66 -- which are slightly different than most years and take different hubcaps, of which we have none.

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