January 10, 2005


To anyone who may have been following this.... We have not given up. It just seems that a bunch of things have gone down to conspire against us. One: It seems that the City of Gardena, does not like people restoring cars in their own driveways. We got a nice notice in the mail, from the city, stating that we had 10 days to remove the car, or they would tow it off the property. By the way, they sent it to the wrong zip code. They also sent it "return receipt". So, after getting the proper zip code, the mailman tried to bring it to us on a Saturday. Neither Paladin, nor I was there. So, he left a note to come pick it up down at the post office. Unfortunately, the following Monday was Columbus Day. So, we weren't able to get the letter until the following Tuesday. Which now have us only 5 days to move the car. It's now stuffed into our tiny garage. Which will make it difficult to work on. We are hoping that we won't step on a bureaucratic toes, if we yank it out of the garage to work on it, and then shove it back when we are done for the day.

Another thing, working against us: Around the time Good ol' Gardena told us to "move it, or lose it", the days got shorter. So, it made it difficult to work on after we got home from work.

And last, but not least, the weather, It's been raining like crazy here, in good old California.

So, we will be dragging it out sometime in the spring to continue working on it.

Posted by Valkyre at 07:28 PM