July 29, 2004

Preparing to Remove the Hood

Before we remove the hood, we want to remove a lot of the things from the front compartment. Things that could get damaged when exposed to the elements, or stolen. Basically, we want the front compartment completely stripped. First thing to remove is the air compressor for the windshield washer:

Removing this was pretty easy. I saw that it had these little plastic "blisters" that were imbedded into holes in the body. I used a screwdriver to gently pry it out. It came out intact.

Next, I removed the brake master cylinder. Before I removed it, though, I disconnected the brake fluid hose that runs to it. This was held on by a metal strap that was riveted on one side. I removed the blot from the other side, which loosened the strap enough to slip the master cylinder out.

Next up is the ashtray. Here is a view of it from the front compartment:

All it involved was removing two screws:

I used the ashtray to store the screws that held it in, and the window knobs from inside. I figured that they would be safe in there.

Next thing I removed was the speedometer. Again, it was accessible from the front compartment:

The speedometer cable needed to be removed first. That was relatively easy. The threaded part that was holding it on, was not on too tight, so it was easy to undo:

Next, I tried to remove the bulbs. Some of the wires came out with the bulbs intact. Other wires came out leaving the bulbs behind in the speedometer assembly. I will get to those later. Then, I just needed to remove two screws. Now, it is out:

Next to come off are the windshield wipers:

I removed the bolts that hold them on, and then gently lifted each wiper assembly off of the shaft:

With the wiper assemblies off, I could now removed the motor assembly from underneath:

I put the bolts that held the wiper blade assemblies back onto the motor assembly, so they wouldn't get lost.

There are still some items which need to be removed before the front lid can be taken off, but, I sprayed the bolts with WD-40, to loosen the bolts for when the time comes:

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July 05, 2004

Radio Antenna and Stereo Removal

This is actually a pretty easy step. But, since we want to remove the hood, everything needs to be removed that can come out, so they aren't exposed to the elements. So, I decided to remove the radio antenna and stereo.

First thing is to disconnect the antenna wire, that runs to the stereo, from the antenna.

Then, you remove the lower bolt that holds the antenna to the body of the car:

You are now left with this:

Then, you pull the antenna assembly out. Wasn't that hard!? I put the lower bolt back onto the antenna assembly, so it wouldn't get lost.

Next, is stereo removal. This too, is easy. The first thing I did is remove the back of the stereo from the support bracket in the rear. This was accessible from the front of the car. All it involved was removing one bolt:

So, I don't lose the bolt, I put it back on after I pulled the bracket aside:

Now, to remove the stereo from inside the car, I need to gently pull the knobs off of the stereo:

Then you remove the faceplate. You are left with this:

Then I removed the stereo, by pulling it out from the back. Notice the mangled dash around the stereo? When we got the car, it was already like that. We may try to fix that. Since the rear bracket needs to come out, and I don't want to lose it, I removed it and bolted it back on to the back of the stereo:

And, so I don't lost the faceplate and knobs, I put them all back onto the unit:

While I was at it, I decided to yank out the non-stock windshield washer motor:

We're not sure why this is even in the car. The windshield washer was powered by this reservoir in the front. You fill it with washer fluid and then hook up the valve from the spare tire to it. It works off the air pressure:

And, even our dog, Pepper looks disgusted with the removed, non-stock, windshield washer motor:

Next up: Even more things will be removed before the hood can be removed.

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