November 24, 2003

Tire and Running Board Removal

Maybe I should just make that running board removal, only.... The lug nuts on the front wheel would not budge:

Fortunately, Mike's birthday was on the 18th. I had bought him a box containing some air tools:

The box had four air tools, an air-impact wrench, a paint spray gun, ratchet wrench and an air hammer. So, we dragged out the trusty air compressor:

Mike hooked up the air wrench:

And started in on the lug nuts:

Except, they wouldn't budge.....

We may need to rent an air wrench with a higher torque capacity. In the meanwhile, I have been spraying the bolts with WD-40, in hopes that that might help loosen them.

So the day wasn't a complete waste, I decided to remove the running boards:

These were some el-cheapos that were put on quite recently, so I figured they would be easy to remove. I got to use Mike's new ratchet wrench on the bolts. They came off easily and I was able to remove both sides:

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November 16, 2003

Gas tank removal

Finally, we got around to removing the gas tank. We were either too busy, or it was raining, for us to get around to it. But, today, as I started to mow the lawn, the mower sputtered to a halt. Out of gas. Our 5 gallon Jerry can was bone dry. I knew the bug had some gas in it. It would have to be drained anyway, if we were to remove the tank. This was as good as time as any. The Hayne's manual recommended that the battery be disconnected before you remove the tank. Mike said that this was because you don't want the chance of any sparks, etc., when you are working around gasoline. Since I don't like sparks, nor gasoline that much, I chose to remove the battery. To gain access to the battery, you need to remove the bottom part of the back seat:

It was no problem lifting it up. What gave me grief was trying to maneuver the back seat out of the car. After some effort, I managed to get it out. This is a shot of the battery:

After the battery was removed, we were treated to another surprise.... Even more rot. When the bug is completely stripped down, we will be welding in new floor pans:

The next step is to drain the gas tank. Of course, the fuel outlet line was near the center and nearly inaccesible, unless you were a contortionist. Mike suggested we remove the tire:

Of course, when one goes to remove a tire, it's wise to loosen the bolts before you jack the car up. But, we had jacked the car up, back in October. Our options were to lower the car, and loosen them. Or, try to remove the tire with the car already raised. We chose the latter. Of course, the tire wanted to spin. I came up the great idea of trying to hold the tire with my feet while Mike tried to remove the bolts. I'm sure it was quite comical to anyone who happened to be watching. Then Mike suggested that I climb into the bug and press the brake pedal..... Duh! Of course. After that, it was hardly any effort:

With the tire removed, I could now see the hose clamp that was holding on the fuel line:

There was not enough space to use a standard screwdriver, however, a small socket wrench with a 1/4 inch socket fit perfect. I was able to remove it. Gas started to pour out. Mike got the funnel under it:

And, we waited several minutes for the gas to drain. Make that about 15 minutes:

After the gas was drained, it was time to remove the tank.

First, I had to remove the cover over the gas gauge cable:

For removal, you just need to pop it off. That's it! I used a small screwdriver to pop it off:

This is only for the 1962 thru 1967 models. The next step is to remove the gauge indicator cable:

This is another easy step. Just pull it forward a bit and then lift off:

This is what it looks like now:

With the cable removed, we can now remove the gas tank. This involves loosening 4 bolts. You can see their locations by the red circles:

A socket wrench fitted with a 1/2 inch socket did the trick:

Now, I just lifted out the gas tank:

This is a close up image of the suspension, etc., looks like under the gas tank:

And here is a shot of the gas tank:

Next step will be to remove the rear fenders. The running boards will be removed first. That's for another day.

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