October 26, 2003

Preparing to Remove the Gas Tank

It is preferred that the gas tank be empty before it gets removed. But, not everyone has that option. Before we could remove the gas tank, we need to drain the gas. That involves putting the bug up on jack stands. So, before we did that, we first blocked the rear wheels, so the car wouldn't roll backwards while it's being lifted:

Then, we rolled out the floor jack and started lifting the car:

When it was at the height we wanted, the jack stands were placed underneath:

After the stands were placed under the axle, the car was lowered:

This shows on where the jack is supporting the axle:

Now, the car is securely raised. Mike gave it a good shaking, it is not going to fall:

Unfortunately, in order to drain the gas, we needed a drain hose to run from the fuel outlet to our gas can. That may have to wait until next weekend.

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October 16, 2003

It Moves!

Yes. Even though it is starting to get torn down, we haven't disconnected the battery yet, nor removed the gas still in the tank. So, the bug still starts. I wanted it moved a little more to the side. It was way too close to the truck and made it difficult to get to things on the driver's side:

After a sluggish start, the engine turned over. You can't really see it here, but a puff of blue oil smoke came out:

After Mike pulled the bug forward, you can see the nice large puddle of oil that the bug left behind. This is from the bug being moved from the curb in front of the house into the driveway. This is why the engine will be rebuilt. (Also notice the newspapers that were tossed under the car....):

These are images of the Beetle backing into the driveway:

Here is a better view of the engine:

While I was at it, I sprayed the bolts holding on the rear fenders. There were quite a few missing. I don't think they fell out. They were either removed, or, these fenders were taken off and put back with less bolts. They are pretty rusted solid and just don't seem to be able to fall off:

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October 05, 2003

Headlight Bulb Removal

I've been too busy lately to work on the bug. I still haven't got around to removing the gas tank. But, in the meantime, I thought I could show how one removes the headlight bulbs from the headlight "buckets":

You need to remove these spring clips. There are three of them in each assembly:

The book says that you can use your thumbs to remove the clips. They also warn you to be careful, as the clips are under tension. Mike (Paladin) used pliers. Much simpler:

Once you have the headlight removed, you now have the glass cover assembly, with the turn signal bulb still attached. These will be stored away in a safe place:

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