October 26, 2003

Preparing to Remove the Gas Tank

It is preferred that the gas tank be empty before it gets removed. But, not everyone has that option. Before we could remove the gas tank, we need to drain the gas. That involves putting the bug up on jack stands. So, before we did that, we first blocked the rear wheels, so the car wouldn't roll backwards while it's being lifted:

Then, we rolled out the floor jack and started lifting the car:

When it was at the height we wanted, the jack stands were placed underneath:

After the stands were placed under the axle, the car was lowered:

This shows on where the jack is supporting the axle:

Now, the car is securely raised. Mike gave it a good shaking, it is not going to fall:

Unfortunately, in order to drain the gas, we needed a drain hose to run from the fuel outlet to our gas can. That may have to wait until next weekend.

Posted by Valkyre at October 26, 2003 11:09 PM