October 16, 2003

It Moves!

Yes. Even though it is starting to get torn down, we haven't disconnected the battery yet, nor removed the gas still in the tank. So, the bug still starts. I wanted it moved a little more to the side. It was way too close to the truck and made it difficult to get to things on the driver's side:

After a sluggish start, the engine turned over. You can't really see it here, but a puff of blue oil smoke came out:

After Mike pulled the bug forward, you can see the nice large puddle of oil that the bug left behind. This is from the bug being moved from the curb in front of the house into the driveway. This is why the engine will be rebuilt. (Also notice the newspapers that were tossed under the car....):

These are images of the Beetle backing into the driveway:

Here is a better view of the engine:

While I was at it, I sprayed the bolts holding on the rear fenders. There were quite a few missing. I don't think they fell out. They were either removed, or, these fenders were taken off and put back with less bolts. They are pretty rusted solid and just don't seem to be able to fall off:

Posted by Valkyre at October 16, 2003 11:06 PM