September 23, 2003

The Things You Find Out....

...When you start to remove parts of your car....

I will start from the beginning. I decided to remove the tail light assemblies today:

The red plastic lenses are held in by two long screws. Unfortunately, the tail light lens on the left side was missing one of the screws. As you can see below, the lenses on our bug are in pretty bad shape:

We were planning to replace them with the European lenses that have the amber turn signal.

One of the things that you run into with a nearly 40 year old vehicle is that all the rubber is nearly disintegrated. You can see by the above folder just how bad the rubber gaskets are around the lenses. Not good if you want to keep moisture out.

This is how it looks with the lenses removed:

Next, I removed the reflectors, which involved removing one screw and sliding a tab out of a slot on the top:

As you can see, the wiring again is in terrible shape. Some were not even connected as I removed the reflectors. And, some wires broke at just the slightest movement. Is it any wonder that the tail lights didn't work sometimes?

This is how it looks with everything removed. So, you may be wondering about the title? If you look closely at where the lenses and reflectors used to be, you can see red paint. The original color of this bug is a dark blue. So, those had been replaced at some point. It could be that the fenders were replaced too. It's possible that this car may have been hit in the rear at some point in its life. But, we may be jumping the gun here. We will find out when the fenders are removed.

I also sprayed the last two bolts that are holding the tail lights assemblies onto the fenders. They were accessible from between the front of the rear fenders and the tires, similar to the bumper bolts.

Posted by Valkyre at September 23, 2003 10:17 PM