September 22, 2003

You Can Never Have Enough Books

Another book we have kicking around in the Haynes Manual for our particular car:

It's good to have at least a couple of different books when you doing general maintenance of rebuilding. Sometimes, details that can seem extremely complicated in one book, will be explained a little better in another. You can tell this book is well used. And, it came in very handy for what I thought I would be doing today:

I thought that I would be removing the gas tank today. I thought it would be a simple matter of removing the four bolts that I have circled here. Then, I noticed the thing in the center, with a line running to the gas gauge mounted in the dash. I tried to remove it from the tank, gently. No go. My other option was to remove the gauge from the dash and take the assembly out with the tank. Rather than do that, I consulted the Haynes book and realized that gas tank removal will be a little more involved and the bug will have to be raised and put on jack stands. Since I had other things I needed to get done today, I am pushing that off until next Sunday.

In the meanwhile, I removed the latch assembly from the front:

This is a shot of the car with the latch removed:

I also went ahead and started to remove the turn signal assemblies:

One screw held the chrome housing and amber lens. I panicked when I looked at what was still fastened to the car. I thought those two fasteners, that you can see on the faded chrome, were rivets. Turns out, they are screw heads and are held on by two bolts, under the fender. They were rusted pretty bad, so I am going to do my famous three day, three sprays of WD-40.

I also removed the headlight assemblies. One screw holds them on. I noticed as I was taking them out, and disconnecting the wires, that the park lamps had different connectors. The left side had the slide on type and the right side had the kind that you screwed down to hold. I wonder which one is stock?:

These are the rubber o-rings that were under the headlight assemblies. They were as dry as toast and will be replaced. (All the rubber is going to be replaced.):

This is how the car looks now:

Posted by Valkyre at September 22, 2003 12:19 AM