September 16, 2003

Even More Things Coming Off

Even though I had been hitting the license plate bolts for the front plate with WD-40, the screws would not budge. The first attempt twisted the blade of the el-cheapo screwdriver I was using. The second screwdriver, a little stronger, was chewing up the head of the screw. I figured that these screws were probably never turned once in 37 years and weren't going to turn now. So, the license plate will come off with the bumper:

The bumper bolts came undone just fine. There were six of them. Two, on each side, were holding the little "bumperettes". This is a shot with the bumper removed, but the brackets are still on:

To get at the brackets, the spare tire has to be moved and you can get at the screws on the inside:

This is how it looked when we removed everything:

Posted by Valkyre at September 16, 2003 10:01 PM