September 06, 2003

Just Some Little Cosmetic Changes

Unfortunately, the books I ordered are on backorder. So, I figured while we wait, we could do some other simple things. First, I wanted to remove some non-essentials:

So, the poor faded Jack-in-the-Box antenna ball was removed, along with the roofrack.

I won't be removing the bumpers right away. But, both bumpers had rusty bolts holding them on. So, I wanted to hit them with WD-40.

I sprayed the bolts on both bumpers, the bumper brackets and, I also sprayed around the bolts on the license plate frame. I will do it again tomorrow. After the third day, they should be easy to remove. This is a shot of the bolts on the front bumper after they were sprayed:

The rear bumper is not the original and will be tossed after it is removed.

Posted by Valkyre at September 6, 2003 09:48 PM