September 03, 2003

Before We Begin

We are not afraid of asking for a little help. I ordered these two books from Rocky Mountain Motorworks. They are one of the better VW supply shops that I have seen. I love the way you can utilize the catalog on their site. You can order a paper one via snail mail. Or, you can have a CD catalog sent via snail mail. Or, view their catalog online, with Adobe Acrobat Reader, or download it and read it at your leisure with Adobe. I chose the latter. We have a couple of their paper catalogs kicking around, but I couldn't find them. So, I just ordered via the internet after finding what I wanted on the computer. They have quite a selection of books and manuals, so I will probably be ordering more as we go along.

Posted by Valkyre at September 3, 2003 08:45 PM